Kartmesse canceled – realignment for 2022

One month before the 29th edition of the Kartmesse was to open its doors in Offenbach, the world’s largest Karting Expo was officially cancelled today.

After the Kartmesse had already been postponed in the winter, organizer Marcel Fuchsberger had decided on a new date in the summer (July 17 and 18, 2021), but now it had to be canceled as well.

“I deeply regret the cancellation of the Kartmesse, but unfortunately there was no other option. Despite the improving pandemic situation, it was not feasible to hold the Kartmesse. In addition, the fair attracts an international audience and exhibitors from all over the world, and abroad the situation is sometimes not as stable as in Germany. Unfortunately, the time for such large-scale indoor events has not yet come. Setting another alternate date for the second half of the year did not make sense for us, since a large part of the industry is then in the racing season and the industry is already busy with productions and developments for the following year,” explains Marcel Fuchsberger.

However, planning for the Kartmesse 2022 is already in full swing. “The need for a Kartmesse is absolutely given and I have received a broad response from exhibitors who have expressed their regret about the cancellation. I now see the enforced break as a perfect chance for a new start of the Kartmesse. In 2022, we want to come back more modern, bigger and more versatile.”

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