10 amDMSB specialized committee KartConference area 2 (not public)
1 pmDMSB Committee KartConference area 2 (not public)
2 pmInformation Kart-Historik KKCD/KCD90Conference area 2 (public)
3 pmCeremony “Mechanic of the year 2018”Atrium 2B Kart Republic (public)
9 amADAC Kart Masters Team Manager MeetingConference area 2 (not public)
11 amDKM-organizer Conference DMSBConference area 2 (not public)
11 amAvD Ceremony 2018Conference area 1 (public)

In addition further companies and federation meetings. The meetings specified here are publicly so far not differently indicated. Temporal shift and change in volume are possible, see notice.